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  • How does the Print-on-Demand (POD) process work with Poster & Frame?
    Once an order is placed, our POD system instantly begins the production process. Using high-quality materials, we print the requested art, frame it if necessary, and ship it directly to the customer, ensuring a quick turnaround without stock overheads.
  • Is there a minimum order quantity for B2B partners?
    No, there's no minimum order quantity. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, catering to both large and small orders alike.
  • How does Poster & Frame ensure the quality of art prints for B2B orders?
    We utilize high-quality printing methods and materials, ensuring that every piece of art meets our stringent quality standards. Moreover, our art pieces are curated from a vast pool of talented artists, ensuring exceptional aesthetic value.
  • Can B2B partners customize their product assortment from Poster & Frame's collection?
    Absolutely! We work closely with our B2B partners to curate a unique selection tailored to their target audience, ensuring that no two product assortments are the same.
  • How does Poster & Frame handle shipping and logistics for B2B orders?
    We have a robust logistics network in place, ensuring timely and safe delivery of orders. Furthermore, we provide tracking details and dedicated support to handle any shipping queries or issues.
  • How do you promote artists within your B2B network?
    We highlight artists and their works to our vast B2B network, tailoring presentations based on specific partner preferences and market trends.
  • What percentage commission does Poster & Frame take on B2C sales?
    You will discuss and agree upon your royalty rate with your Artist Relation Manager
  • How frequently will I be paid for my sales?
    B2B royalties will be sent to you on an ongoing basis, as our B2B agreements have various payment terms. Regarding B2C, you will have access to our Vendor Dashboard, where you can monitor sales in real-time, from which you will also need to invoice us.
  • Can I set my own pricing for B2C sales?
    Yes, artists have flexibility in setting their pricing, and our team is available to advise on market trends and optimal pricing strategies.
  • What kind of support do you provide artists in optimizing their sales?
    Our sales team offers data-driven insights, promotional strategies, and regular feedback to help artists maximize their sales potential.
  • What happens to damaged returned goods from B2B partners?
    Damaged returned goods from B2B partners are resold in the physical outlet and online. Royalties are settled based on the initial sale.
  • How does the Print-on-Demand process work?
    Once an order is received, we print and ship the requested artwork directly to the customer, minimizing delays and stock costs.
  • What quality of materials do you use for printing?
    We use high-quality paper and inks to ensure the best possible representation of the artwork. You can choose between high-end 230g Enhanced Matt our our exclusive 265g Fine Art Freja
  • How long does it take from order to shipment?
    Our efficient POD system ensures that orders are usually processed and shipped within [specific timeframe, e.g., "24-48 hours"].
  • Is there a limit to the number of designs I can offer with POD?
    No, artists can offer an unlimited number of designs through our POD system.
  • Can I customize product types or sizes for my POD offerings?
    Yes, we offer a variety of product types and sizes to cater to the diverse needs of our artists and customers.
  • Will there be an additional cost for stickers on tubes, or is it included in the startup fee?
    The cost for stickers on tubes is included in the startup fee. There are no additional charges for this service.
  • Is there a minimum order when purchasing tubes only?
    Yes, the minimum order for tubes is 24 pieces.
  • Are the thank-you cards still charged separately or are they now included in our startup fee?
    The thank-you cards are now included in the startup fee.
  • How quickly are webshop orders dispatched?
    Webshop orders are dispatched as far as possible within 24 hours.
  • What should I expect during peak times and holidays regarding shipping?
    During peak times and holidays, such as Black Friday, deviations from the usual shipping conditions are expected. This might include longer delivery times.
  • What happens if a delivery fails or isn’t collected from a parcel shop?
    If there’s an unsuccessful delivery, or if an order isn't collected from the parcel shop, the customer will be invoiced for return shipping to Poster & Frame and any redelivery costs.
  • Who handles communication with the freight supplier?
    Poster & Frame typically manages communication with the freight supplier. However, customers can contact the freight supplier directly if necessary.
  • What if a product is damaged during transport?
    The customer should provide Poster & Frame with relevant details so that compensation can be sought from the freight supplier. Poster & Frame will cover the cost of redelivery in fully reported cases. This includes providing package numbers, a description of the damaged goods, related documentation, and photos of the package and damages.
  • Is there a deadline for reporting damaged shipments?
    Yes, any inquiries must be made within 5 working days from receipt of the package.
  • Where should returns be sent?
    All returns should be sent directly to Poster & Frame. They will review these shipments and liaise with the customer for further actions.
  • What is the time frame for decisions regarding returned items?
    Once a return shipment query is raised, the customer has 3 working days to make a decision about the next steps.
  • Are there specific requirements for print files?
    Yes, all files must include a FOGRA39 profile, be free of bleed and cut marks, and be named appropriately. Only PDF files are accepted, and they should be uploaded via the provided FTP access.
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